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A Chaotic Neutral

... the lies they told you are all that remain

Bleach - Playing With Fire - Chapter One
Title: Playing with Fire
Pairings: ShinjixRenji, UraharaxIchigo, ShinjixUrahara (past)
Rating: M
Warning: afterwar, spoilers, AU-ish, boysmut, kink, foul language, OOC, crack
Description: On a surprise visit, Shinji runs into Renji and finds himself intrigued. A chase ensues.
Dedication: For mandalee1013 on her birthday, which I’m late for. *shame face*
a/n: This fic is pure fun. If you’re looking for something angsty with a deep, fulfilling plot, you’ve come to the wrong place. *laughs* This is pure, smutty fun.

Chapter One

Renji felt his cheeks heat as he remembered colliding with Hirako-san. That had been embarrassing. Renji could have sworn that the Vizard had felt him up too, but then again, Renji could have been mistaken.Collapse )