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Flash Fiction (Take Four - Part One)

Happy New Year!

Today I bring you two of the eight pieces of flash fiction that were requested. Enjoy~

For azardarkstar 
Prompt: Aizen and Shunsui and Ukitake, pre-The Beautiful Lie

Aizen, Shunsui, and Jyuushirou are characters from the anime/manga Bleach by Tite Kubo. This fic is part of my fanfiction The Beautiful Lie as a canon drabble. Warnings for hints of child abuse.

Shunsui, insides twisting and heart hammering in his chest, chews on his bottom lip and chooses his words carefully. “How did you say this happened?” he asks, softly and without accusing, knowing that the wrong inflection, the wrong hint of disbelief will send Sousuke scurrying away from him before Shunsui can so much as help.

Sousuke frowns, watching him with eyes that are so similar to Shuurei's, but doesn't jerk his arm away from where Shunsui is carefully applying antiseptic and a bandage. “I fell,” Sousuke replies curtly, sounding far too grown up, far too adult for Shunsui's liking. “It was an accident.”

'Bullshit,' Shunsui thinks, with another rising tide of anger, one that makes his reiatsu vibrate, the floor tremble, and calms immediately when another hand settles on his shoulder and squeezes briefly.

“You should be more careful, Sousuke-kun,” Jyuushirou says, all soft smiles and warm eyes, concern banking behind every gentle word. “We don't like to see you hurt.”

Sousuke nods, eyes falling away, and Shunsui swallows over a lump in his throat, forcing himself to gently apply the last of the bandage and smooth it over Sousuke's too thin arm and too pale skin. He dutifully pretends that he doesn't see other marks, other bruises. Some new, some fading, and far too numerous.

Shunsui reminds himself that he's not a murderer, that Sousuke will hardly thank him for going out and destroying the man responsible. He wishes he were a stronger man, wishes there was something more he could do than apply bandages and antiseptic and a safe harbor, if only for a little while.

He smiles, rises to his feet, and pats Sousuke gently on the head – always gently, in case there are other bruises he can't see – and not for the last time, wishes that Sousuke was his son in all things, not just in the deepest corners of his heart.

“Did you bring that book again?” Shunsui asks.

Sousuke nods, slipping out from under Shunsui's hand to retrieve said book from his bag. It's probably too advanced for someone his age, but Sousuke has never let a little thing like that stop him. He's reading, better even than they could have expected.

“I'm useless,” Shunsui whispers, so quietly he knows only Jyuushirou can hear him.

Jyuushirou doesn't speak; he doesn't have to. His presence is comfort enough. And when Sousuke returns, book in hand and ready to try reading it himself all over again, Shunsui smiles, bigger and brighter, with genuine affection. This may be all he can do and he prays to any god who will listen that it's enough.

For hockeyiris 
Prompt: Doumeki/Watanuki, celebrating the New Year

Doumeki and Watanuki are characters from the anime/manga xxx-HoLiC by CLAMP. Warnings here for mild boylove and a kiss.

He had tried to embrace Watanuki in the kitchen, when Watanuki had been standing at the stove, distractedly stirring something in a large pot. Doumeki had wrapped his arms around Watanuki from behind, buried his face in messy black hair, and for all of a moment, felt complete bliss having that wiry body pressed against his.

Until Watanuki promptly jabbed a bony elbow backward, straight into Doumeki's ribcage, and added a barked command to “Get back out there and wait. The food won't cook any faster with you groping me.” Watanuki always knew the best way to kill any romance.

Doumeki had tried to grab Watanuki's hand when they were standing on the engawa, watching the amateur fireworks shoot into the sky. Beautiful displays of red and orange and green and pink, lighting up the night in celebration. Watanuki had ripped his hand away with a move so quick he'd almost careened right off the porch.

Doumeki had grabbed his elbow, steadying him, and Watanuki had muttered something about brainless oafs and put a noticeable distance between them. His face blossomed pink, but whether out of embarrassment because of his clumsiness or Doumeki's attempt at romance, Doumeki would never guess.

He'd tried to steal a kiss in the hallway, where it was too narrow for two people to pass each other without touching. He and Watanuki had brushed very close, close enough for Doumeki to smell the incense that always clung to Watanuki nowadays, and the soft scent of his shampoo and soap. Close enough for Doumeki to feel the heat Watanuki seemed to radiate in droves, but never seemed inclined to share with Doumeki.

But before Doumeki could even lean in, capture those lips, Watanuki wriggled like a multi-armed being and made his escape, skittering down the hallway as though he were a frightened cat.

Doumeki had sighed inwardly and resigned himself to the fact he'd have to ring in the new year without so much as a kind look from his so-called lover.

On the porch, minutes after the last bells had tolled and the sound of celebration could still be heard by those with ears good enough to catch them, Watanuki invited Doumeki to share a bottle of Yuuko's sake with him, eyes shifted away and a noticeable blush in his cheeks.

Watanuki didn't fight when Doumeki reached for him instead, when Watanuki ended up sprawled halfway across his lap, their lips sealed together in an awkward, sloppy kiss that couldn't have been more perfect. Watanuki had squirmed, and made appropriate sounds of enjoyment in his throat, and Doumeki forgave his earlier skittishness in an instant.

He always did.
Six more are on the way folks, as soon as I write them. As always, comments and crits are always welcome!
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