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Mood Music - The Beautiful Lie (Take Two)

In trying to get back into a The Beautiful Lie mood, I once again pull up the playlists that inspire me in the first place. And since I like music, and a lot of you like music, I thought I'd once again share the tunes that inspire The Beautiful Lie.

This time, I've brought you eleven songs broken into four groups: Ichigo, Kisuke, Sousuke, and the fic in general. Each person, believe it or not, has their own playlist since I tend to divide chapters by POVs. Some of the playlists share some of the same songs, while they all have their unique choices as well.

Ichigo's playlist is probably the most extensive, since he's the major player in the fic. A lot of his music tends to be focused on the story as a whole, as well as Ichigo in particular. His varies between being emo and being very pissed off at the world, with a twinge of heartbreak just to round out the hurt. The three songs I picked today were: "No More Sorrow," by Linkin Park (which, coincidentally, is the theme song of Minutes to Midnight, a fanfic with similar themes that has an Ichigo/Gin pairing); "Reaching" by Audiomachine (it's an instrumental piece, most commonly heard in movie trailers); and "Mad World" as sung by Gary Jules (another song that it is on every playlist for The Beautiful Lie).

Kisuke's playlist, in contrast, sounds like a teenage girl's sobfest over a break up, sad but true. He spends a lot of the fic lamenting his own choices, and the decisions he has to make, as well as struggling over his relationships with people -- Ichigo in particular. So yeah, his sounds like a romantic sob story. But it works. *grins* "Better that we Break," by Maroon 5 is probably familiar to some of you as it is the same song that mandalee1013 used as inspiration for her Kisuke oneshot built on The Beautiful Lie. It suits him very well. "Breathe," by Taylor Swift is one that I stumbled upon one day. It was playing in the background as I surfed the web, and the lyrics struck me as very heartbroken Kisuke. Into the list it went. And lastly, "Everything Changes," by Staind should also be familiar because I posted a fanmade video of Batman/Superman with this as the song a week or two ago. It's also very applicable to Kisuke.

Sousuke's playlist is probably the most confrontational. It's filled with songs about fallen gods and war and rebellion and anarchy, as would suit Sousuke. Of course, there's also some element of regret, guilt, and rebirth going on too. It's very eclectic. First up we have "Sick Cycle Carousel," by Lifehouse which is one of the key songs for what I imagine Sousuke must be going through. I do so love Lifehouse. Next we have "Revelation 22:20," by Puscifer, a song that I have always thought to connect to Sousuke, pretty much in every fic I've ever written him. It's just so irreverent! Lastly, we have "Hurricane" by 30 Seconds to Mars which is a wonderfully dark sounding song that matches the mood of The Beautiful Lie perfectly along with Sousuke. Oh, and either version works, either with or without Kanye. I like 'em both.

The Beautiful Lie's playlist in general also holds these two wonderful songs: "Toward the End," by Within Temptation and "This is War," by 30 Seconds to Mars. I have to admit, 30 Seconds to Mars plays a big part in the tone of The Beautiful Lie.

I have LOTS more music on my playlists, but I'd hate to inundate you with them all at once. I'm also curious, would anyone be interested in a Beautiful Lie themed fanmix thingie? Something with a "cover", a tracklist of songs, all nicely packaged in a downloadable bundle? 

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